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nothing more comforting than old habits. although, it is scary, very scary.

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Straight White Boy Problem #6


askin a girl if she has a kik but then she actually kicks u in the shin

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1. Because a woman brought into this world will inevitably be given pepper spray “just in case.”

2. Because by sixteen, a young girl knows how to avoid being sexually assaulted, while a boy of the same age does not fear sexual assault in the slightest.

3. Because a girl who mocks men is a bitch, and a boy who mocks women is joking.

4. Because a girl who has sex is a slut, and a boy who has sex is a man.

5. Because in a murder, the killer is at fault, but the blame of rape is often put on the victim.

6. Because we teach girls how not to get raped instead of teaching anyone simply not to rape.

7. Because a woman should put more clothes on if her outfit makes a man uncomfortable, because his self control is her responsibility.

8. Because feminists just need to chill out.

9. Because a 22 year old sex-obsessed virgin can murder 7 people, and the problem is that someone should’ve just slept with him.

10. Because not all men are predators, but yes, all women are prey.

There’s a fucking womanifesto for you.

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i'm not empathizing with the killer nor are his actions justified but you have to admit that this is VERY rare. nobody really loses their temper like that over rejection. i know you hate hearing this but not all men (or people for that matter) are like that.


A friend of mine rejected a guy’s proposal so he beat her unconscious and kept her in his apartment for two days. He threatened her parents that he would kill her and when his parents and authorities got a hold of him, guess what happened to him? Nothing. 

A guy yelled at me from a bar balcony to get my attention and when I ignored him, he threw his beer can at me. 

A guy at McDonald’s couldn’t pick up on any fucking social cues that I was uncomfortable and intimidated by him. He took my phone, called his number with it so that he had my number. He tried to video chat me several times until I cursed him out and then he stopped. 

Another friend of mine refused to have sex with her boyfriend (she was 14. he was 18) so he beat her up. She moved to another country because of him. 

Rodger’s case is just some of the very few that are actually reported. It’s sensationalized to the point that people forget that these are daily occurrences. There are thousands of women telling their stories but nobody’s listening, even now. 

Six people are dead and the only thing you can say is “not all men are like that.” Get the hell out of my inbox. 

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Steve Kim

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crap, i just used the new weigh chair at work. hello myfitnesspal.

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